Why tint your windows?

Applying window tint to your vehicle helps to keep the heat out of the car keeping the occupants cooler during those hot summer days and making the air con more cost effective.
When fitted to the glass, the tint provides protection against the suns harmful rays, blocking out over 99% of UV rays. Great to protect your loved ones and ensure that your upholstery and interior trim are less susceptible from inevitable fading and cracking from UV rays.
Prying eyes scan the inside of cars quickly to see what the occupants may have left behind be it valuables, tablets, phones etc. Darkened windows can help conceal anything that may be left inside or stored within the vehicle and prevent possible break-ins
In the unfortunate event of an accident, windows are prone to smashing with glass going everywhere. With the tint on the windows, no matter the shade level, it strengthens the glass and makes it less likely for the shards to come apart and enter the cabin harming passengers due to the film keeping it all together.
Window tint helps reduce glare from low sun levels or even headlights from the car behind you, providing a safer driving experience.

We offer a wide range of tint levels to achieve your desiered look

Prices start from:
3 door hatch (eg fiesta) - £120
5 door small hatch (eg golf) - £135
5 door hatch (eg mondeo) - £150
5 door saloon (eg 3 series) - £160
5 door estate (eg 5 series) - £180
SUV/4x4 (eg discovery) - £180
Rear window only - £80

Please note that tinting the front windows is illegal and prices are for tinting windows from the B pillar back.
Prices are a rough guidance and depending on model of car the prices may vary.