Black Wolf Syndicate Motorsport Sunstrip - CUT OUT Variant


This sunstrip backing comes in one size and will have to be cut down to fit windscreens when applied. Please check and confirm fitment before check out!

The Logo is CUT OUT OF the sunstrip meaning the logo will be see through. If you wish to have a coloured logo, please contact us via our facebook page 

Sunstrip backing - 300mm height x 1450mm width

Logo/cutout - 160mm height x 600mm width

Sizes are not exact and approximate to the nearest few millimeters.

*If applying personally make sure the surface you are placing it on is free from any water or residue, dirt, grit or grease and the surface is cool. Avoid allowing any air bubbles to form under the vinyl. The adhesive will take 24 hours to set properly, in the mean time avoid any contact or movement from things such as windscreen wipers etc to allow the adhesive to effectively set.

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